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For right now, if you would like to purchase prints, please send an email to info at coleman rogers dot com and I will let you know how we will go about doing it. I have tried various processes in the past, with being the best so far. I would upload the file to pixieset and direct you to a place where you could place the order. They would handle the printing and ship the photo to you. If you are purchasing a photo of a band or music artist, I pass along a royalty to the artist upon the sale.


I will sell digital files of music photos to the artist or band. My prices are:

  • 1 photo for $25
  • 4 photos for $50
  • 10 photos for $100

I retain ownership of the photo, but it is yours to use.


I photograph fine art for reproduction. If you are a painter or an artist working with encaustic or other media, you will need high quality photographs of your work for your website, for submission to exhibits, and for production of glicees or other prints. I use a color calibrated process from start to finish, ensuring that the photographs of your work accurately represent your work. 

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