To get myself going again, I get back to basics. Shooting film slows down my brain and relaxes me. I am working the bugs out of the large format kit that I have here in Portugal. I shot the same scene with three different lenses and then added a deep red filter. Here is a shot with my 200mm and the deep red filter:

I really like how the red filter makes the sky dark, highlighting the image in the foreground. The same lens, but without the red filter:

I know there are issues with dust, these are not final scans. The same tripod position with my 150 mm lens and no filter:

And then my new 90mm. This lens took some work to get the correct mounting plate and release extender, but I love having a wide angle lens for large format. No red filter for this one, I didn’t like what it did to the wide-open feeling of the image: